Inflammation – The Root of Most Modern Diseases

  • Virtually every modern disease that afflicts people today is caused by inflammationsick man cartoon
  • Most inflammation is caused by the food we eat and the drinks we drink
  • Reduce inflammation by swapping out pro-inflammatory foods for anti-inflammatory foods

The short video below (only 8 minutes long) is a fantastic explanation about inflammation and will leave you with enough of an understanding to start making the changes you need to become a healthier, fitter human being!

I Want More! has an Anti-Inflammatory Cheat Sheet taken from their Anti Inflammatory Diet For Dummies book.
Whilst my research shows that some of what they say is incorrect (specifically the bit about seed oils being OK and not consuming too much saturated fat) most of this article covers the basics and again will help to increase your knowledge if you wish to do so.

Another article which goes into a bit more depth about the types of foods you should eat to reduce inflammation is “How to Transition to an Anti-Inflammatory Diet“. Many of the food swaps we will be posting here will help you move more towards this way of eating.