The Health Benefits of Coconut

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In Short – It’s really high in the best form of saturated fat – Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCTs.

What!!! Saturated Fat – Won’t I Clog up my Arteries?

We’ve been told for years that saturated fat is bad for us but it’s all been based on bad science. The fact is that there is absolutely no scientifically proven link between saturated fat and heart disease. To the contrary, it is now known that a diet high in good quality fats and low in carbohydrates (especially sugar) is the way to a long and healthy life.

Coconut has a whopping 90% of saturated fat and can be eaten in many forms such as: coconut oil – great for cooking with (go for organic, raw to get the highest level of nutrients), coconut milk (I prefer the Celebs brand as they don’t use BPA in their tins), creamed coconut & coconut chips (one of my favourite snacks!).

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