What is Xylitol?



In Short: It’s a natural sugar replacement that does not raise blood sugar

As mentioned in a previous post sugar is bad news for our bodies. In an ideal world you should eliminate all sugar sources from your diet as the body does not need it at all however who lives in an ideal world?
We’ve all grown up devouring cakes, sweets, chocolate and a multitude of high sugar products and it’s difficult to break the habit.

By using xyitol instead of cane sugar, maple syrup, honey, etc. (which all raise blood sugar and therefore cause a negative impact on your health) you can still satisfy your sweet tooth without damaging your health.

Xyitol is, in most cases, made from Birch wood. It has 40% less calories than sugar, 75% less available carbohydrates and a GI value of 7 so it’s even great for Diabetics.

Whats more it’s actually recommended by dentists as it has been shown to reduce cavities. Who’d have thought that eating something that resembles sugar would be GOOD FOR YOUR TEETH!!

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