Spend More Time With Your Kids AND Get a Workout

Like the gym but feeling guilty about not spending enough time with the kids?

hold baby up
Use your kids as weights and not only will you get a workout but they will love it and the laughter you will both get will release even more endorphins which will make you and your kids feel on top of the world! Get a little creative and you can produce enough resistance to really work up a sweat!


  • “Barbell” curls (if using your daughter then you can call this the Barbiebell curl!)
  • Squats with your kids “piggy backing” on you
  • Doing kangaroo jumps with your child piggy backing on you (just make sure you tell them to keep their chin clear of your shoulder!)
  • Bear crawls with them on your back
  • Leg lifts with them hugging your leg (see video below)
  • Lie on the edge of a sofa with them lying next to you and see if they can push you off (great for core & all over toning)

Just use your imagination and please let us know of any other exercises you can think up in the comments bellow this post!

Some Examples:

This one is a little more advanced!