Get a Full Body Workout Without Going to the Gym

What if you could workout without actually, well, “working out”?
running machine / treadmill
The modern idea of going to a gym to get your weekly “workout” in is a bit crazy when you think about it. You spend most of the week sat down and then you get in your car and sit down again so you can drive to the gym and spend maybe an hour maximum, pushing your body to the limit (and probably not really enjoying the experience). Whilst at the gym you may have gone on a treadmill or an exercise bike or you may have opted for some resistance training so you have effectively activated a very small part of your overall musculature and raised your heart rate for a while.

So let’s say you go to the gym twice a week and you actually spend about 30 minutes doing the exercise (excluding getting changed, showering, resting in between “sets”, etc.). That’s 1 hour a week of exercise. If you sleep for 8 hours a night then you are awake for 112 hours a week (24 hours – 8 asleep = 16 hours awake x 7) so you are only exercising for less than 1% of your weekly waking hours!

Let’s look at “exercise” a little differently. Every time you move, parts of your body have to “fire up” to make that movement happen. This is called Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT). Consider it a “micro workout”. If you can incorporate 100s of these micro workouts into your week then you will be doing more “exercise” than your 2 trips to the gym and you will be in better shape as you have not been sedentary for over 99% of the week!

In future posts we will look at small swaps you can make that will keep your body moving even while you work, watch TV or use your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

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