Swap the Sofa for the Floor and Get a Micro Workout

Following on from the initial “Get a Full Body Workout Without Going to the Gym” here is the first of the “micro workouts” and it just involves changing how you sit at home.

Go and sit on the sofa (or in a big, soft arm chair) and feel how your body is completely supported and relaxed. There is virtually no requirement for any muscle to do any work whilst you area sitting in this position.man sitting on the floor in yoga pose

Now sit on the floor, any way you like but without using anything to support your back. You will notice that you are using quite a lot of your muscles, including your abs and back, just to keep yourself from toppling over. At this point you are working out!

As humans we are habitual in nature so the trick is to get into a habit of sitting on the floor EVERY TIME you would normally sit on the sofa. You don’t have to stay there for hours onĀ end. Just sit on the floor until you find it uncomfortable or just too annoying! The longer you can stay on the floor the more “exercise” you will be getting.

If you start to get uncomfortable in one position then move to a different one. The act of moving will fire up other muscles and increase the effect of the micro workout.

You should try and incorporate all of the following as much as possible:

  • Sitting cross legged
  • Squatting
  • Lying on your sidesman squatting
  • Kneeling

If you are the kind of person that flops down on the sofa in the evening and doesn’t move for hours then you will need something else to remind you to sit on the floor. You could try moving to the floor during all advert breaks or at the end of a programme. After a while you should find it becomes automatic and you will be well on your way to getting your body working 7 days a week!