What is “Health Swap”?

Would you like to live a long, healthy life without having to go on some fad diet that makes you feel miserable?

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Health Swap brings you easy to implement ways to swap out the food & drink that you love for healthy alternatives that not only taste great but help to boost your health.

By swapping just one part of your life at a time you’ll hardly notice you have made a change but you will be well on your way to a longer, healthier life.

We include details of each and every swap we recommend backed by links to the science to backup the reason why we are suggesting each swap.

Warning: many swaps will involve a little COOKING! But don’t despair, we’re not talking complicated stuff here, just a few ingredients and a bit of mixing! There will be step by step instructions with pictures and videos in many cases.

The Science

You don’t have to read this bit unless you want to know more detail.

It is believed that almost all modern diseases are caused by inflammation and most inflammation is caused by the food we eat. Whilst this has not been proven 100% by science there is plenty of compelling evidence to suggest that this is the case.

By swapping pro-inflammatory foods for non-inflammatory foods you could not only find symptoms of diseases you already have reducing but you reduce your risk of contracting other diseases in the future.